Lawsuit: woman "propped up" to appear alive after she died during routine surgery

A 65-year-old woman in "good health" went into an Adena Health System facility for a routine heart cath and died during or after the procedure. Such an outcome already means questions will be asked, but those in attendance ensured that there would be many more: according to a lawsuit, they "propped up" the corpse so visiting family would think she was still alive.

Sources within the hospital indicate Dr. Jarrod Betz, a cardiologist who had previously faced questions over his credentials, cut an artery during the procedure. Although Dr. Betz allegedly believed the situation was under control, the patient was later discovered to be still bleeding while in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). … Adding to the controversy, there appear to be discrepancies between hospital records and the death certificate regarding the time of death. While medical records reportedly indicate a 1:00 p.m. time of death, the death certificate states 3:05 p.m. … The inconsistency has led to questions about the exact circumstances surrounding the patient's death — that her body was propped up to look alive for her family — with questions surrounding why she was put on a ventilator to stage a "fake alive" pose when medical records show she had been declared dead two hours prior.

The grinner up there is claimed to be "uncredentialed," and Adena the kind of place where "uncredentialed" doctors can get hired to do specialized cardiac surgery. Other doctors there were observed watching YouTube videos on medical procedures they were "unfamiliar with," according to the Scioto Valley Guardian, and the local coroner doing the "autopsies" is also an Adena employee.