A dangerous alligator farm in Los Angeles

In the early 20th century, people could visit a dangerous alligator farm in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Alligator farm wouldn't come anywhere close to meeting today's standards for human and animal safety. The farm was located in the area of Lincoln Heights and operated from 1907 to 1953 until it relocated. 

To give you a little idea about a typical visit to the park, here's a quote from the public domain review: "Visitors — and their pets — could get alligator carriage rides or watch them rocket down slides; toddlers could have their picture taken with a crowd of hatchlings and even bring one home at the end of the day." It's wild to think about how this nonchalant attitude towards safety (or lack thereof) was so widely accepted. 

Despite the obvious issues that the Alligator Park posed, the photos of adults and even toddlers posing with alligators are fascinating to see.

(Images from The Public Domain Review)