Lauren Boebert desperately searches phone for her own amendment as she stalls House debate (video)

Lauren Boebert once again showed professionalism and dignity as she frantically tapped away at her phone after being recognized on the House floor. While she at first appeared to be sexting, rage tweeting, or in a heated round of Candy Crush, she soon made it clear she was actually in panic mode searching for her own amendment during a debate on the FDA spending bill.

"Madame Chair, one moment," the Congressquack and passionate theatergoer said without looking up from her phone. (See video below, starting at 1:08, posted by Acyn.) "My apologies, I do not have amendment number 77 in front of me."

"Um, but Madame Chair, I do [pause] urge [pause] adoption of [pause] amendment 77 [pause] to be considered to decrease the salary of, um, the depurary secretary— deputy secretary [pause] I reserve," Boebert nervously uttered, at one point desperately glancing to her side, as if hoping beyond all hope that the dog regurgitated her homework. Maybe defunding the Deputary Secretary will have to wait.

Via Mediaite
Front page thumbnail image: C-SPAN