Public penis-fondling congresswoman wants to punish trans DoD employer by cutting her salary to $1

Lauren Boebert, the family-values Christian who married a sex criminal and enjoys distracting theatergoers with public sex play, wants to punish trans Department of Defense official Shawn Skelly by reducing her salary to $1.

Speaking on the House floor, mean girl Boebert proposed an amendment to reduce the salary of U.S. Department of Defense official Shawn Skelly to $1.

From MSN:

"Like many of [President Joe] Biden's bureaucrats, Mr. Kelly is failing at his job and the basic responsibilities," Boebert said, misgendering the deputy undersecretary for personnel and readiness. "On his watch the Army missed their recruiting goal by 15,000 soldiers last year, and all other branches were forced to dig deep into their pools of delayed entry applicants to meet their recruitment goals. On top of that, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all expected to fall short of their recruitment goals this year."

"As DOD's highest-ranking trans official, this delusional man thinking he is a woman embodies and espouses the woke-ism that causes — that's causing significant harm to our military readiness and troops' morale," Boebert said. "The military shouldn't be focused on this woke agenda and combating climate change. With him at the helm of readiness, these misguided policy pursuits will continue to be at the forefront of DOD's priorities. I urge my colleagues to support my amendment to restore the focus of our Department of Defense, to defend our nation."

When Boebert promised her constituents, after being caught lying about vaping and engaging in heavy petting in front of children, "I will make you proud," it apparently meant, "I will be even more hateful than I was."