Greg Gutfeld calls for civil war to force Democrats to adhere to his political opinions

Fox News' unfunniest fascist court jester, Greg Gutfeld, doesn't believe in elections because they often don't go his way. Instead, he wants to start a civil war and kill enough Democrats that they'll surrender and go along with how he wants things run. Even his co-hosts on Fox News' The Five were taken aback by Gutfeld's unhinged ideas.

On the latest episode of Fox New's, Gutfeld read from his manifesto: "So, let's let's compare the rights between criminals and victims. Okay, they're criminals, they get a mulligan, they get to steal up to $800, $900 worth of stuff. They can loiter, sleep, and shoot up in public areas, including playgrounds. They can loot and burn and call it social justice. They can pile up dozens of arrests and never do time. Meanwhile, what about us? Well, we have to change our lives to accommodate risk wherever we go. We have to move out of cities for the sake of the safety of our families and our own safety. That's what's happening. We're being driven out of cities, by the "oppressed." So I return to my imperfect analogy from yesterday, we had a war over slavery. We knew slavery was inhumane and immoral. But somehow we couldn't solve slavery peacefully. It was an evil, but one side refused to acknowledge that it was evil because it was too big of an admission for them to make. Doesn't that feel that way now that this defiant refusal to reverse this decline, argues against the survival of a country? What does that leave you with? It leaves you with you need to make war to bring peace because you have a side that cannot change because then that means that admission that their beliefs have been corrupt all the time. So in a way, you have to force them to surrender."

Jesse Watters, replied, "Or, we could make love not war." It's hard to tell whether or not he was being facetious, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

"I tried that once. I had to go to a doctor," Gutfeld quipped.

Martha MacCallum suggested elections might be preferable to killing people.

"Elections don't work," said Gutfeld. "We know they don't work."

"We do know," protested Harold Ford Jr.

Gutfeld doubled down, presenting a litany of lies to support his call for mass slaughter of Democrats: "We know they don't work. Look what we have. We have a moderate president, and we have crime exploding everywhere. We had a Democrat president promise that he was going to be moderate, promise that he was going to unite the country. And now we have a terrible education system. We have no border. We have crime everywhere. Every facet of society is in peril and in chaos, because our elections don't matter."

Will Fox do anything about Gutfeld's disregard for democratic processes and calls for violence? Other than promote him, I doubt it.