Get an all-in-one body, dash, security cam for exclusive price drop to just $50

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TL;DR: Get an all-in-one camera body, dash, and security cam with the TOKK™ CAM C2+ Day/Night Vision Camera while it's on sale for just $49.97, saving you $39 off the regular $89 retail price through October 15.

Sometimes, there are places you just need a camera that's not attached to your phone. But it can get a little pricey if there happen to be a few different places you'd love to have an extra set of eyes. The perfect solution is a multi-function camera for your house, car, and even yourself, such as the TOKK™ CAM C2+ Day/Night Vision Camera.

Best of all, we currently have an exclusive price drop to $49.97 for the CAM C2+ during our Deal Days Sale, our alternative to Amazon's Prime Day. That saves you $39 off the regular $89 retail price and no coupon is required, but the sale ends promptly at 11:59 PM on October 15.

You can use the CAM C2+ as a body camera, dash cam for your car, and security camera in your home or elsewhere. It will record or stream crystal-clear high-def video with a resolution of 1280x720P. Even the automatic night vision feature is stunning.

The camera has a built-in mic, so the sound you record will be as high-quality as the video. There is even a motion-activated alarm that will help save battery life when using it for security purposes.

The CAM C2+ charges via the included USB cable and can run for 90 minutes. It will record for up to 20 days on a 64GB microSD card and you also get 30 days free of the Cloud option. The camera comes with a stand and wearable clip-on, but it can also be conveniently attached to metal surfaces magnetically.

The free iCookyCam app works on both iOS and Android. And since the CAM C2+ weighs well under an ounce and measures just 1.5" square, you can easily take it with you anywhere – you'll now capture extra special memories on vacation. It's no wonder users love it. As verified buyer Charles Levin said, "I love how small this camera is and easy to mount."

Get the TOKK™ CAM C2+ Day/Night Vision Camera at our exclusive price drop of $49.97, and save $39 off the regular $89 retail price, before our Deal Days Sale ends at 11:59 PM on October 15. Free shipping is included and no coupon is required.

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