The Face House is a surreal wonder in Kyoto

The Face House is a delightfully playful building in Kyoto. It was created by Kazumasa Yamashita in 1974. This gem is a rectangle shaped building with two large eye-shaped windows, a long nose, and gaping doorway-mouth. I have to wonder if Squidward's house on Spongebob was inspired by this masterpiece.

So what does the inside of this unique face house look like, you may wonder? Here's some information from a 1975 article about the house: "The main entrance, reached by an outside staircase, is at first-floor level, which is given over to bedrooms, bathrooms and a tatami room. Master bedroom (curiously without bathroom), living room and kitchen are on the top floor. The ground floor, consists of two self-contained studios (the client is a graphic designer), with direct access from the street through the 'grinning mouth'."

I'd love to live in an alternate universe where all houses had cute faces (because why not?).