Watch "grandma piggy" Whitley getting treated to a "wash and set"

Have you ever seen a grandma pig getting her hair did? No? Well, I hadn't either before Odd Man INN Animal Sanctuary posted this video of Whitley the pig at her makeshift outdoor beauty salon. The text on the video states, "Somewhere in Fentress county, Tennessee, a pig is getting her hair did." When the sanctuary posted the video, they added: "Because every grandma piggie should treat herself to a wash and set." I fully agree!

Whitley is one of the nearly 200 large animal residents at Odd Man INN Animal Refuge, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit farmed animal sanctuary situated on the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Middle Tennessee. The sanctuary is run by a terrific team of staff and volunteers including Co-Founder and Executive Director and Co-Founder and Facilities Manager Joshua Smith. The sanctuary describes their mission and their work:

We envision a world where all species are valued and protected. It starts with our core values:

  • Healthcare equity
  • Lifelong sanctuary
  • Community connections
  • Science-based innovation
  • Service to the community
  • Responsible stewardship
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity

These values are our guiding compass and drive us to fulfill Our Mission of providing lifelong sanctuary care to vulnerable animals and educating to inspire compassionate living. This propels us towards Our Ultimate Vision: a world where all species are valued and protected.

Odd Man Inn provides 100% donor-funded animal services, including:

  • Intake of vulnerable animals in need of safety
  • Professional veterinary care for all animal residents
  • Species appropriate nutrition, housing, and healthcare
  • Continual advocacy for improved relationships between humans and non-human animals
  • Wildlife conservation and protection

I love everything about this video–The soothing sound of the hair dryer, Whitley's cute poof of hair that's being brushed and dried, the look of contentment on Whitley's face, and the loving care with which she's being pampered.

To learn more about the sanctuary and its wonderful residents like Whitley, check out their website or Instagram.