Trump weasels out of an Iowa stop with an obvious lie — and it's mocked by Biden Truth Social post (video)

The President Biden campaign mocked Donald Trump for lying his way out of an Iowa campaign stop in the sloppiest way possible. Trump first told reporters that he couldn't travel to the Hawkeye State because his civil trial in New York was keeping him prisoner, only to later say he'd be golfing in Florida on Thursday. And to drive it home, Biden's ribbing took place on Trump's own platform, Truth Social.

"Trump: They want to keep me here instead of campaigning in Iowa… They want me to be here," said the first part of the post, quoting the four-times indicted former president who could be seen whining in a video (watch below).

"* 3 minutes later* Reporter: Will you be back tomorrow?"

And then for the punchline: "Trump: Probably not. We're having a very big professional golf tournament at Doral, so probably not."

As attorney Ron Filipkowski said in his reposting of the @BidenHQ post, "Showing up in court was voluntary. Hanging out at a golf tournament is voluntary. The only person keeping Trump out of Iowa is Trump."