Contents of an Ostrich's Stomach from 1930

This image from 1930 features the contents found in a poor zoo Ostrich's tummy. Owch! The Ostrich likely came across all these items as they were left behind from visitors to the zoo. 

I feel terribly sorry for the Ostrich, who should have been eating roots, seeds, leaves, and flowers. The array of items, discovered after the bird passed away, were photographed by Frederick William Bond, a photographer at the Zoological Society of London. 

From The Public Domain Review:

"Amongst the items retrieved and noted down by Bond on the back of the photograph were two handkerchiefs (one lace) and a buttoned glove — presumably items expelled from the daily stream of visitors to the zoo, a sad consequence of the bird's urban existence. Also found were a length of rope and various metal items, including assorted coins, tacks, staples and hooks, and a four-inch nail. It's perhaps not too surprising to learn that this last item was the cause of death." 

(Image via the Public Domain review)