Climber finally rescued after being stuck on cliff face for 12 hours

On Friday evening, a man was enjoying a night climb with his buddies at the Indian Creek Climbing Area in San Juan County, Utah when he slipped on the cliff face. Fortunately, he didn't fall. Unfortunately, his body torqued in such a way that his knee became firmly stuck in a crack on the wall.

The stuck scaler's pals attempted to rescue him but couldn't free him from the fissure. They called for emergency assistance who determined that they'd need to dispatch a helicopter to the top of the cliff and send rescuers down rappelling ropes. Once the chopper finally made the scene, the rescuers shimmied down and tried to free the fellow's knee. They tried. And tried. And tried. After several hours, they called in for additional support. The Grand County Search and Rescue team arrived and together, they got the man unstuck and lowered him to safety.

"In total, the man was stuck on the cliff face for around 12 hours, search and rescue crews stated," Fox13 reported. "After the entire ordeal, the man was lucky to have only minor injuries."

More at San Juan County UT Search and Rescue's Facebook page.