Trump cronies Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell have all lost their lawyers after failing to pay bills

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, lawyer Rudy Giuliani and moron Mike Lindell have all been ditched by their legal teams, reports The Guardian, after failing to pay six- and seven-figure legal bills. Bannon is appealing a recent conviction for obstructing Congress and is preparing to face trial for his role in the "We Build The Wall" grift. Giuliani was charged in August on 13 counts of election interference and faces various lawsuits, and Lindell must answer defamation suits from the voting machine manufacturers he claimed rigged the 2020 election.

On top of their past-due legal bills, Giuliani and Bannon now are also locked in other high-stakes legal battles.

In Georgia, Giuliani's legal situation seems to have become more perilous: lawyers Jenna Ellis, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell who worked in varying ways with Giuliani as he pushed false claims in Georgia and elsewhere about Trump's loss, pleaded guilty in October, and agreed to cooperate with Willis's office

Giuliani has called his indictment a "travesty", but ex-prosecutors say that he faces new pressures in the wake of other Trump lawyers' plea deals.

Giuliani isn't getting a deal because he has nothing to offer and is too disgusting to put on the stand. Even Gríma Wormtongue got a deal!