Sisters win workplace Halloween costume award for this amazing roller coaster costume

Here at Boing Boing, Mark Frauenfelder has already declared the winner of this year's Halloween: 7-foot-4 French professional basketball player Victor Wembanyama, with his Slender Man costume. My son dressed as Slender Man many years ago, so I have a special affinity for the costume, and there's no doubt that Wembanyama knocked it out of the park. So, yes, he definitely won Halloween.

But may I perhaps suggest a co-winner, or a runner up? Behold this fabulous costume from two sisters in Cartersville, Georgia, who created these spectacular "roller coaster" costumes. MSN explains that Laurie Dabbs Gayton and her sister are both real estate agents, so they created these costumes—which they labeled the "Real Estate Rollercoaster"—as part of a "fancy dress competition" at their wokplace. Unsurprisingly, the sisters won the "best dressed" award.

The costumes are so well done and realistic, it took me a few seconds to figure out how they worked. Kudos to everyone who goes all out on Halloween!