The process of making a stunning hand-marbled silk scarf

I love seeing the process behind this unique hand-marbled silk scarf. The pattern for the scarf is one of a kind, and made by floating layers of paint in a long tub of liquid. 

The fabric is then dipped into the liquid in a way that transfers the pattern onto it. This process is totally mesmerizing to watch. The scarf turned out beautiful. I wish I had a scarf as cool as this one!

From Instagram:

"Marbling with @thesoftasylum

"This is a hand-marbled silk scarf that is absolutely one of a kind. Each piece is quality wearable art that is even hand-washable. This was created by floating paint on a liquid gel then dipping a white silk scarf into the bath to absorb the pattern. The scarf was pre-treated with mordant which allows the paint to form a permanent bond with the fabric yet remain silky smooth to the touch."