This six-hour EVE Online retrospective is the best sci-fi movie I've watched all year

YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen is primarily known for his Down the Rabbit Hole series, which focuses on strange historical happenings, whether online or in the real world, and breaks them down in impressive—and sometimes excruciating—detail. The series has been on hiatus for the past two years, but its long-awaited return more than justifies its absence: a colossal, six-hour retrospective on ambitious spacefaring MMO EVE Online, which sought to create an intricate, interlocked virtual universe, complete with its very own politics, economy, and star system-spanning conflicts.

As someone with a dabbling interest in MMOs who never quite got into EVE, the breakdown of the game's history was utterly enthralling, and I'm honestly tempted to jump in myself.

If this video's anything to go by, though, I'd probably just end up an expendable cog in one of the constant corporate wars. Ah, well.