Apple's Magic Mouse hacked to be ergonomic

Ivan Kuleshov hacked the Magic Mouse so that it wouldn't hurt to use it anymore, re-housing it in a taller and more ergonomic casing. All its nice features are preserved and his precise work has the fit (if not quite the finish) you'd expect of an Apple gadget—albeit one that's famously designed with looks in mind.

To make it ergonomic and prevent problems with the sensor (which is not working perfectly as it is) I will have to divide the mouse into 2 halves. I was prepared to have to lengthen the cable from the top part (touch sensor), but luckily, the standard length turned out to be enough.

A systems engineer, Kuleshov detailed his process with ample illustrations, and plans to make the project, including 3D-printed plans, available on Github in the coming days.