Coco the cat lands a death-defying leap off a utility pole (video)

Coco the orange tabby, a resident of (ahem) Dildo, Newfoundland got freaked about by a dog in her yard so she quickly escaped to the top of a utility pole. After an hour, Coco's human Alice Reid climbed up a ladder leaning against the pole but couldn't reach her.

"We tried a board on the ladder, and he tried a few times himself to get down but he was too afraid," Reid said.

Eventually, she called Newfoundland Power who sent a pole-climber to save the day. But once he got close, Coco leapt off the pole on her own and apparently stuck the landing. Video below.

"Coco was recovered and is back home enjoying sleep and treats in perfect health — although Reid said he likely used one of his nine lives," reports

image: Digi colect/Shutterstock