Get the best sleep of your life with the 3D eye mask, now $19.97

TL;DR: There's no greater gift than a good night's sleep. Get the Shut-Eye Wireless 3D Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones. Usually $49, this holiday season you can get them for just $19.97. No coupons needed! Just make sure to buy before December 17.

Every single person knows the value of sleep. When you're well-rested, you're a happier, more productive person. But whether it's sound, noise, or timing, that perfect night's sleep isn't always attainable. That's where this unique eye mask comes in.

The Shut-Eye Wireless 3D Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones offers defense against both sounds and sights as you snooze. And while it's usually valued at $49,  you can get it now for just $19.97, no coupons needed. While it's a great personal purchase, it's also an amazing gift, especially because this eye mask is on sale through December 17.

(Keep in mind, if you want the Shut-Eye Wireless 3D Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones to arrive in time for Christmas, you'll want to order by December 17.)

Here's why this device guarantees a good night sleep. Not only is it thick and soft, applying comfortable pressure to your eyes and blocking all light, but it also plays sounds as you relax, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Play the most soothing sounds available as you drift off to sleep with this mask! If that's not your speed, you can also turn on your favorite podcasts or jam out to music.

Don't worry about battery life, either. You get up to 10 hours of use with this eye mask — what many people would call the perfect sleep time.

You don't need to suffer as you rest. Make bed time as relaxing as possible when you get the Shut-Eye Wireless 3D Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones for just $19.97. But don't hesittate: This price only lasts through December 17.

Prices subject to change.