Plane makes emergency landing when angry couple says the word "bomb"

Like saying "fire" in a crowded theater, shouting "bomb" in a crowded plane is never a good idea, as one couple found out when one of them used the loaded word in an argument.

The agitated man and woman were traveling on a Breeze Airways flight headed to Rhode Island from Orlando, but during their explosive spat a father and his daughter told a crew member they heard the couple mention a bomb and wanted to change their seats. This led to an emergency landing, whereupon the couple was arrested.

Once handcuffed (while still on the aircraft), the man showed remorse: "Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for messing up your travel plans," he said in front of a camera (see video below, posted by News4Jax). And mess them up he did, as the plane was then grounded overnight, leading to very delayed flights for all.

From Business Insider:

Breeze Airways flight from Orlando was diverted 45 minutes after it departed on Tuesday, per the report. …

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, pilots have the authority to decide what "necessary emergency action" to take in the event of a bomb threat on a flight, which includes diverting. …

"Even if the aircraft was safe, they don't allow us to fly," the pilot said, per People's report, referring to the flight being grounded in Jacksonville overnight. The report did not identify the pilot.

"I understand that this is less than ideal," he added. "Unfortunately, some people decided to misbehave and really mess up the evening for all of us." BI could not independently verify the video cited by People. …

Passengers were compensated $150 to cover food, accommodation, transportation, and other inconveniences, People reported, citing an email from Breeze Airways.