Special Counsel has Trump's Jan 6th smartphone and all its data

A notice filed in the DC Federal election interference case shows that Special Counsel Jack Smith has the data from Trump's phones and intends to use them as evidence of his wrongdoing.

A recent filing in the Special Counsel's DC case against Donald Trump shows that the White House cell phones used by Trump leading up to and on January 6th are in the DOJ's possession with data that'll support the government's case against him. Direct messages in social networking apps, texts, images, and call logs are there to show what the Orange Menace was up to.

Jack Smith filed notice in the DC federal election case that he has extracted evidence from Trump's cell phone used on Jan 6th and plans on calling 3 experts to testify about what they retrieved from his phone and the phones of other Jan 6th rioters. Former Prosecutor and Host of Legal AF, Karen Friedman Agnifilo reports.


Tick Tock, Mr. Trump. Tick tock.