Trump reels in MAGA suckers yet again with digital "trading cards"

It boggles the mind to know that there are people out there eager to pay $99 for a digital image of Donald Trump cosplaying as a cowboy, a cyborg, a superhero, or Abraham Lincoln.

This is Trump's third series of digital trading cards. The previous two editions "sold out," whatever that means.

Here is Donald Trump's irresistible sales pitch:

Everyone, this is your favorite president Donald J. Trump, with some very exciting news.

My last two Trump digital Trading Card collections sold out in just hours. And now I'm back with my latest series called the "MugShot Edition." I wonder where that came from — the "MugShot Edition."

Forty-seven all-new stunning cards and here's the best part: I'm doing two important things for my Trump collectors. For the first time, we're creating a real physical Trump card. Purchase 47 digital cards and we'll mail you a beautiful trading card. It is an authentic piece of the suit I wore when I took that now famous mug shot, and it was a great suit, believe me a really good suit. It's all cut up and you're gonna get a piece of it. I'll be autographing, some of them. A true collector's item. This is something to give to your family to your kids, grandchildren.

With the purchase of 47 of the Trump digital trading cards, you will also be invited to join me for a gala dinner at my beautiful Mar a Lago, my home in Florida, you perhaps heard of it; become a pretty famous place. We just had our first dinner for my collectors and we had a lot of fun together. That was a great evening. It was a fantastic evening.

Some people call these cards pop art or modern art. I wish I looked as good as I do on those cards and I can tell you, they give me muscles where, believe me, I don't have them.

I wanted to keep my Trump digital trading cards at the same price $99 each so go to It's really easy to buy. They sold out incredibly fast the last time and I think the MugShot Edition will sell out even faster. So don't miss out — go to CollectTrump Go right now and collect your own exclusive piece of American history and we'll all have fun together. Have a good life.

Look for his exciting fourth collection, the sensational "Jailhouse Edition," a series of 97 cards, each depicting one of the felonies he is serving time for.