Brainwashed Trump chump takes the bait: "He's working for God"

You can hardly blame the former reality game show host-turned cult leader for duping the entire Republican party when you've got such gullible victims to play with. After posting about the pastor who told a Trump rally crowd last night that their MAGA leader was stepping in for God, I came across a Kool-aid guzzling rally-goer who was nearly brought to tears raving about her savior, Donald Trump.

"Number one, He's a godly man. He's working for God, for darn sure," she gushed about Donald Trump to a Jesus-praising reporter from RSBN, regurgitating what the pastor on stage had cooked up for the night.

"Number two, he really cares about us. He cares about what happens to us. He didn't come in there because he wanted money. He is actually working for God and wants to help us." (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

Via Mediaite