Gunman shoots up Colorado Supreme Court building, holds up security guard

An armed gentleman shot his way into the Colorado Supreme Court building this morning, causing "significant and extensive" damage, according to police. He then pointed his gun at a security guard and demanded a key so that he could go up to the 7th floor and fire more rounds.

This comes two weeks after Colorado Supreme Court justices ruled 4–3 to kick Donald Trump off the ballot for engaging in an insurrection. But, even though the ruling has prompted the MAGA mob to threaten the justices for following the Constitution (14th amendment Section 3), for some reason authorities believe today's shooting is unrelated. From AP News:

A man leaving the scene of a car wreck Tuesday shot his way into the Colorado Supreme Court building and inflicted "extensive damage" to the building before being arrested by police, authorities said, adding the incident seems unrelated to the court's recent ruling banning former President Donald Trump from the ballot. …

"The CSP and DPD are treating this incident seriously, but at this time, it is believed that this is not associated with previous threats to the Colorado Supreme Court Justices," the Colorado State Patrol said in a statement said, using the acronyms for the state patrol and Denver Police Department.

The car wreck occurred just by the building in downtown Denver at 1:15 a.m., after which one driver pointed a handgun at the other, according to the statement from state patrol, which oversees security at the building. The gunman then shot his way through a window at the Supreme Court building shortly thereafter and entered, authorities said.

Several hours after the crash a large shattered window could be seen on the ground floor of the building, with glass spilled out on the sidewalk along a busy street downtown. A state patrol trooper guarded it.

Before shooting his way into the Court building, the suspect — who hasn't been identified — had gotten into a car crash and thought he'd sort it out by pointing his gun at the other driver. Fortunately, nobody was killed during his hours-long fit, and around 3:00 a.m. he ended up calling 911 and turning himself in.