Give your dashboard a glow-up with this foldable touchscreen display, now 40% off!

TL;DR: Don't have a smart car? No problem! This foldable touchscreen car display helps your dashboard go high-tech, is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support, and is 40% off its regular price at just $95.99! 

From paying for groceries to binging your favorite show, everything is accessible to us with the tap of a finger on our phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. So it's no surprise that sitting behind the wheel of your slightly dated car feels archaic, with no easy access to any of your must-have apps on your dash.

Just because you don't have a newer car doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy instant access to your favorite apps. That's where this foldable touchscreen car display comes into play. Simply pop this thing onto your dash and enjoy wireless access to the apps you want, as it's compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support. But the coolest part? The display is currently just $95.99, a cool 40% off its regular price!

Installing the touchscreen display is a total breeze thanks to its two mounting options that enable you to either stick it to your dashboard with an adhesive or to your windshield through a suction cup. And given that it allows you to go completely hands-free, letting you make calls and use navigation with voice commands, it keeps you safe on the road.

No matter your viewing angle or current brightness, the device's 1024×600 HD IPS 6.8-inch screen is generous enough so you can view it easily. And if you don't want to use a wireless connection to get access to your apps, music, and whatnot, the foldable touchscreen also offers other ways to connect, whether you choose to use its built-in FM transmitter or AUX jack. The touchscreen even supports rear-view camera support, making things more convenient than ever!

Plus, you'll be happy to find that this nifty display add-on is compatible with various vehicles, including trucks, RVs, tractors, buses, and, of course, your standard soccer mom van (or SUV!).

Drive safer and smarter with the infinitely handy foldable touchscreen car display!

Grab this 6.8-inch Foldable Touchscreen Car Display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support for just $95.99 for a limited time.

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