Expert laughs at pro-kidnapping MAGA congressperson

Congressperson Anna Paulina Luna of Florida gets laughed at over claims the Trump-era family separation policy kept children safe.

Rep. Luna is desperate to claim the Trump-era policy of family separation was a good and well-thought-out measure ensuring the safety of children and not just a Stephen Miller terrorist tactic. So desperate, Luna starts referring to the parents who had their children stolen from them as "quote-unquote parents" to imply they were not also victims here. Cato Institute immigration expert David Bier called to testify before Congress, laughed out loud, and marveled at her insane speculation.

It seems the Congressperson was pretty upset about being laughed at on the record. She blasted Mr. Bier with a fantasy list of alleged reasons the parents seeking asylum with their children were something else.

Because you said, 'quote-unquote parents,' as if they weren't really their parents," he replied.

"You have no idea!" she shot back.

"I do have an idea!" replied Bier.

"You have no idea if these people are their … parents or not," said Luna.

"No, we do," insisted Bier.

"Oh really, are you psychic?" Luna demanded to know.

Bier tried to get Luna to read an inspector general's report outlining documented family separations, but Luna wouldn't have any of it.