Trump lawyer moves to disqualify Judge Kaplan in courtroom today (but fails miserably)

After Judge Kaplan threatened to throw Donald Trump out of the courtroom for his angry muttering this morning, the Trump team shot back with a move to disqualify the judge.

"I understand there is an application," the judge said when Trump and his lawyers returned from a break, as reported by Meidas Touch via Inner City Press.

"We move for recusal," Trump attorney Michael Madaio responded.

"Shawn Crowley is a former law clerk, you accepted her representation," Madaio continued, referring to E. Jean Carroll's lawyer. The Trump lawyer also complained about an "atmosphere of hostility," as if the atmosphere could be anything but hostile when you've got his ever-belligerent client in in the room.

So, to keep things brief and to the point, Judge Kaplan responded to Madaio's "request" with just one word before moving on.