5 years in prison for Capitol rioter who assaulted 6 cops

Florida man and Miami Proud Boy Kenneth Bonawitz is off to jail on a 5-year sentence after being found guilty of assaulting 6 police officers during the Jan. 6 sacking of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters. One of the officers was hurt badly enough that he was forced to retire, reports the Associated Press.

Bonawitz, 58, of Pompano Beach, Florida, carried an eight-inch knife in a sheath on his hip. Police seized the knife from him in between his barrage of attacks on officers."His violent, and repeated, assaults on multiple officers are among the worst attacks that occurred that day," Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean McCauley wrote in a court filing.

Five years for attacking cops while carrying a knife. Moreover, see how committed Bonawitz was to it: they "confiscated" the knife and he immediately set at them again, until they maced him in the face.

After police confiscated his knife and released him, Bonawitz assaulted four more officers in the span of seven seconds. He placed one of the officers in a headlock and lifted her off the ground, choking her.

The same sentence received by a black woman who mistakenly cast a provisional ballot after registering to do so without objection.