Donald Trump stops Marjorie Taylor Greene when she tries to give him a hug (video)

Donald Trump didn't get the chance to breeze right past Marjorie Taylor Greene today as he famously did when walking off his plane at a Georgia airport.

No, this time Greene, the determined VP-wannabe, made a beeline to her bumbling target with arms spread wide, doing her darndest to force a hug out of the four-times indicted MAGA leader.

But she didn't quite get there. Trump, who did not have much wiggle room, still managed to sting the Georgia Qongresswoman — or at least avoid her germy hug — by grasping her shoulders as if they were a set of handle brakes. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

Sorry Madge. The days of sidling up to the likes of former puppet Speaker Kevin McCarthy in hopes of rising up in the ranks are long gone.