Boebert wants forced birth babies to clean toilets

Struggling to remain in Congress, Lauren Boebert makes a nonsensical argument by smashing together two of her terrible platforms: forcing women to carry children they have determined they should not and ignoring asylum seekers.

Lauren Boebert's latest argument for forced birth is that she belives an increased birthrate would close our borders. Forgetting that the United States was founded for and by people fleeing oppressive governments, Colorado's wandering congressperson is seeking to create big oppressive government. She'd like to turn asylum seekers away at the border, and force women to carry babies to term that the women carrying the babies have determined they should not to fuel a replacement workforce. The whole thing is nutty, but evil!

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert erroneously blamed the United States' declining birth rate on abortion during a congressional hearing on immigration law this week.

On Wednesday, the far-right congresswoman took a moment while speaking during a House Oversight Committee hearing to claim that the nation's birth rate is falling due to "nearly 1 million abortions" a year — overlooking more prevalent financial and social factors that have been linked with the decline.

"My colleagues just asked if our birth rate was declining here in America and the answer was yes," said Boebert, 37. "Well, of course it is. We have nearly 1 million abortions in our country a year."