The Apple Vision Pro is as ridiculous as you'd expect in public

If you've ever wanted to both look like that one Eric Andre sketch and broadcast that you are a prime target for robbery, Apple has you covered. The tech giant's very first (and hopefully) last AR headset (previously at Boing Boing) hit the streets just yesterday, retailing for a whopping three and a half thousand dollars.

For that price of admission, you get to do things like run two timers at once and drop into video calls wearing a horrifying, AI-constructed mask of your own face.

This will likely go the way of the Google Glass, not least because never knowing if you're being recorded or not is creepy as hell, but until then we can at least admire the bravery of trailblazing pioneers who wear this extremely visible luxury item in places like the New York subway.

Truly, nothing says "future" like strapping ten pounds of electronics to your head all day. Maybe some more pasta timers will help alleviate all that eye strain and neck fatigue?