How to make an old timey peanut butter sandwich from 1900 involving vinegar and dry mustard (video)

John Harvey Kellogg, cereal pioneer, filed the first patent for peanut butter in 1895. As Smithsonian explained here, "Kellogg's 'food compound' involved boiling nuts and grinding them into an easily digestible paste for patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, a spa for all kinds of ailments." But even as the sandwich topping, ahem, spread in popularity, many people still preferred a DIY approach.

In the "Sandwiches of History" video below, we learn how to make a very special old timey peanut butter sandwich from as described in The Sandwich Book from 1900. It involves vinegar and dry mustard and sounds rather delicious. I'm not a fan of jelly on my peanut butter so perhaps this could be a nice alternative to amp things up..

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