200-foot radio tower stolen in Alabama

An Alabama station was "in disbelief" after equipment was stolen last week, reports NBC News, but they couldn't be broadcasting their emotions because among the vanished gear was its 200-foot radio tower.

"What do you mean it's gone," NBC News quotes WJLX manager Brett Elmore, who admits to them he used "more colorful language" in describing the problem.

WJLX notified the Federal Communications Commission that its AM station was silent. The station was hoping to continue broadcasting its program through FM radio in the meantime.

"We requested a temporary authority to keep the FM translator on until we get the AM back on the air," Elmore said on Thursday. "But unfortunately, this morning, I was notified the FCC denied our request to stay on air on the FM side, so actually, we're about to go power down the transmitter."

It wasn't pirates, alas. They surely stole it for the scrap value. It's not clear how much they are our, but a little research suggests a new AM tower is going to cost them or their insurers about $30k, installed and grounded.

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