As VP, NY's Elise Stefanik would have betrayed the United States for Trump

Trump sycophant and congressperson from the State of New York, Elise Stefanik, would have betrayed the voters and thrown the 2020 election to Trump.

In her play to become Donald Trump's Vice-Presidential candidate, New York's Elise Stefanik has declared that, unlike Mike Pence, she would not have certified the 2020 election, as was his duty. Stefanik feels the insurrectionists found guilty of attacking our democracy are "hostages" and should be pardoned. She stands against everything her precious founders stood for, except perhaps slavery.

Stefanik is still telling the big lie. Pushing ideas that Trump actually should be President right now. The people of New York really need to kick her out.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican from upstate New York who is being floated as a possible vice presidential pick for Donald Trump, said Thursday she would not have certified votes on Jan. 6 if she was in Vice President Mike Pence's position.

"I don't think that was the right approach," said Stefanik to CNN's Kaitlan Collin. "I think it is very important that we continue to stand up for the constitution and have legal and secure elections, which we did not have in 2020."

USA Today