Behold the ultimate McMansion

McMansion connoisseur Kate Wagner (previously at BB) has found the ultimate example of the genre: "we've found it folks: mcmansion heaven". She anticipates that you will see the above photograph and assume hyperbole. But no, you haven't seen anything yet.

It is rare to find a house that has everything. A house that wills itself into Postmodernism yet remains unable to let go of the kookiest moments of the prior zeitgeist, the Bruce Goffs and Earthships, the commune houses built from car windshields, the seventies moments of psychedelic hippie fracture. It is everything. It has everything. It is theme park, it is High Tech. It is Renaissance (in the San Antonio Riverwalk sense of the word.) It is medieval. It is maybe the greatest pastiche to sucker itself to the side of a mountain, perilously overlooking a large body of water. Look at it. Just look.

There are now many options for exploring and enjoying the very best of American vernacular architecture. See Zillow Gone Wild (also a subreddit), which offers a mix of ostentatious majesties and ones hiding within normal-looking dwellings. Facebook's Nightmare on Zillow Street is private but easily joined. Tik Tok has @homes.tastrophes.