Save hundreds of dollars off this coding education bundle with Microsoft Visual Studio Pro, now $65!

TL;DR: Become a coding wizard by learning how to code from this bundle's over 200 hours of instruction and lifetime access to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, now only $64.99 (reg. $1999) for a limited time!

Learn to code, they always say. And, honestly, they're not wrong. Coding continues to be a valuable and sought-after career, offering plenty of growth opportunities. Fortunately, you don't need to be a wunderkind like Bill Gates to code. You can easily learn with this coding education bundle!

The Learn to Code Bundle, which features over 200 hours of programming education, also comes with lifetime access to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, a top-rated platform used by coders worldwide for collaboration and help. Now, these tools are bundled together for only $64.99 (reg. $1999) for a limited time.

Geared towards beginner students, you can learn the fundamentals of Java, Python, C++, and more in the Learn to Code Bundle. You'll have access to courses taught by world-class instructors with years of experience. Dive into "C++ for Absolute Beginners" and emerge speaking the language of computer gods.

Get down with the "ChatGPT Series: OPENAI Fundamentals 2024," because who doesn't want to boss around AI? The "Complete Python Course: Learn Python by Doing in 2024" and "JavaScript Complete Guide with Practical JavaScript Projects" will have you crafting code in your sleep!

To aid in your newfound programming knowledge, say hello to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional. This isn't your average IDE: it's a 64-bit IDE, a digital dojo where coding legends are made. The world's top developers use Visual Studio Pro for a plethora of reasons, so let's get into that. This platform offers Live Share for real-time collabs with other programmers and speedier editing and debugging cycles. There's also CodeLens, so you can score meaningful insights on your coding to make thoughtful decisions.

Not only that, MS Visual Studio Professional comes with IntelliCode, a valuable tool for more effortless coding. IntelliCode can understand your code context, complete lines of code, and even suggest the next best coding options when you're stuck. You'll be coding like a boss with Visual Studio Pro!

Reach your professional and personal goals by learning to code.

Get lifetime access to over 200 hours of coding instruction and Microsoft Visual Studio Pro for just $64.99.

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