Pro-slavery hate tweet with 2.9 million views generates ad revenue for Musk

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino must be thrilled by the advertising revenue being generated by this pro-slavery tweet that has 2.9 million views so far:

The tweet reads, "White people forget that black people make good slaves. When blacks know their place, their strong bodies are well-suited for manual labor in the field and household. Friendship and shared interest unite master and slave. Blacks are not the problem; emancipation is."

As pleased as Yaccarino is to earn money from garbage like this, just think how upset Andrew Torba must be about Musk-era Twitter. Because who needs Gab when Musk has put out the welcome mat for racists?

Will Stancil pointed, Twitter has become "the largest, longest, most sustained hate rally in human history."

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