A high-strung husky tries his darndest to talk to a golden retriever, but his message isn't getting through (video)

A high-strung husky has a bone to pick with two golden retrievers, but he has trouble getting his point across. In fact, his barks only seem to make his companions flinch. And the more he tries to explain himself, the more confused the duo becomes.

A couple of times the husky even uses his paw to boop one of them on the snout, but it's no use — his message just isn't getting through to either one of the gobsmacked goldens. Until finally, they give up even trying to understand, with one of them running to his human for help.

"We don't speak husky," says the caption in their TikTok video below (posted by tuckerbudzyn), which explains the miscommunication in a nutshell.

Via ParadePets