Golden Retriever uses talking buttons to instruct his human

Meet Cache, a beautiful and brilliant Golden Retriever who lives in California with his human, who has been using AIC (augmentative interspecies communication) tools—in the form of electronic talking buttons—to teach Cache how to communicate.

Cache currently knows about 130 words and lets his human know when he wants to eat, rest, see friends, get cuddles, go to Grandma's house, and much more. 

Cache's human mostly uses Instagram to upload videos of Cache using the buttons to communicate. Here's Cache explaining that he wants food and then to go to bed. Here he is asking for some cuddles. Cache also appears on TikTok via the "Fluent Pet" account—Fluent Pet is the company that makes the buttons Cache uses. Here's Cache—sweet introvert that he is—saying he doesn't want to go anywhere, but would rather stay home. And here he is explaining that he doesn't feel well and wants to reschedule his playdate with Grandpa. 

It's really quite incredible to see how well Cache communicates. To see more of Cache and many other dogs and cats using the Fluent Pet system to communicate with their humans, check out the Fluent Pet TikTok. You can also watch Cache on Facebook.


Buttons are not only a great way for your dog or cat to tell you what they do want to do… they're also a great way for your dog or cat to tell you what they DON'T want to do, as we see here again with Cache! 💛 #goldenretrieverlove #introvertsbelike #talkingdog #goldensoftiktok #theycantalk #fluentpet

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