Orange-faced comedian sparks laughter with funny language tale in Texas

A performer with limited English language proficiency captivated an audience in Eagle Pass, Texas today with a humorous routine. Wearing a comically long red necktie and his face covered in bright orange makeup, he took to the stage to share his comedic bit.

"There are places unknown," he began, speaking in tentative English, "where people exist without speaking any languages." The comedian left the mystery of how these language-less individuals communicate as a question for the audience.

Shifting to a more serious tone, he cautioned the onlookers that "We have languages coming in to our country."

He expressed his confusion and concern over these languages, labeling them as impractical because, in his view, "Nobody that (sic) speaks those languages."

"They're truly foreign languages," he emphasized. "Nobody speaks them."

I hope this new performer comes to Los Angeles! He could headline at the Comedy Club with Andy Dick and Russell Brand!

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