Game Scent aims to bring smell-o-vision to gaming

It's a strange sales pitch: being able to smell your games as you play them. Although it's certainly not anything I've ever asked for as a dedicated gamer, startup Game Scent AI promises to bring smell-o-vision into the real world.

As the name implies, Game Scent will be powered by AI, which monitors your game's audio (yes, just the audio) and releases fitting scents. Only a handful are included with the $180 module, with the rest (including 'human exertion') available as "DLC". At least the company understands the nickel-and-diming state of the gaming industry.

Gaming incense, everyone. I can't say I've ever wanted to smell blood, gunsmoke and sheep dung as I battle my way through Red Dead Redemption 2– you're probably better off playing something like Flower with this instead.

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