Excited German shepherd becomes a go-go dancer when she sees her best pal (video)

Dogs, like people, can show their emotions in very different ways. And such was the case when an emotive German shepherd saw her sibling come home and couldn't contain herself, jumping up on her hind legs and shimmying like a 1960s go-go dancer. (See video below, posted by dallas.pembertonn.)

Meanwhile, the approaching pooch, who was slowly climbing the front porch steps, kept her head down, comically trying to keep cool —or as one commenter put it, "was like, 'damn, give me a moment.'"

But her wagging tail gave her away. Clearly, in the end, the ecstatic excitement was mutual.


the funniest and goofiest personality ever, she loves her sister and you can tell. ive never laughed so hard 🤣 #germanshepherd #dog #bestfriends #dancingqueen

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Via ParadePets