This 4K dual-camera drone will automatically dodge obstacles — and now it's $34 off

TL;DR: Want to start flying drones? This one is a great buy for newbies, and best of all, it's on sale now. Get the 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance (typically priced at $119) for just $84.99 now.

When you fly a drone, you get to see the world through entirely new eyes. The drone is able to soar to great heights, capturing images of your surroundings you'd never see on your own. It's no wonder drones have become such a popular hobby — and despite the tech involved, it doesn't have to be an expensive one.

Right now, the 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners is on sale for an incredible price. While it usually costs $119, you can buy it for just $84.99, no coupon needed. Considering the amazing photos you'll be able to snap and the fun you'll have flying it, that's a steal!

This particular drone is so perfect for beginners because it's designed to be very easy to set up and use. It comes with three-way obstacle avoidance: aka a sensor that allows it to detect objects around it (think trees or buildings) and automatically avoid them. You don't have to worry about any complicated steering maneuver! The drone also comes with gesture control, which means you can signal it to take a photo or video with just a swipe of your hand.

Speaking of photos, this drone comes with two HD cameras, so you can get clear, detailed imagery from its flights. Whether you want to capture video of a special event or just snap some cool photos, the drone's cameras do it all. It also reaches some astonishing heights to do that—think up to 328 feet.

There's never been a better time to get into drones. Get the 4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance for just $84.99 now.

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