"DNA My Dog" misidentifies humans as dogs

One woman is a bulldog, and the other is an Alaskan Malamute, says DNA My Dog of Human samples.

CBS News reports that a dog DNA testing lab is offering up some odd results. While other services do not find enough doggie DNA to compose a report, one service found enough dog DNA in two different women to declare their breed. Luckily no one is relying on these tests for anything exciting.

Last year, the I-Team checked up on commercial DNA testing companies, sending a sample from New Hampshire pet owner Michelle Leininger's human cheek to a company called DNA My Dog. The results showed she was part bulldog. Leininger joked, "some people would agree with that at times, but no, no," she said.

Back then, the company's service director Jessica Barnett responded. "The results provided would not be possible on a human sample."

That prompted the I-Team to check a second time. Reporter Christina Hager swabbed her own cheek and sent samples to three different companies.

But for a second time, the results from DNA My Dog linked dog breeds to a human sample. The company reported back that Hager was 40% Alaskan Malamute, 35% Shar-Pei, and 25% Labrador.

CBS News