Giuliani says he'll be "helped in Heaven" for being disbarred

Former New York Mayor and current Trump victim Rudy Giuliani had good news to share with listeners on his WABC radio show: he's got his ticket to Heaven! He says the price of admission — disbarment and financial ruin for defaming election workers to please his cult leader — was a bargain.

"The Bar Association is going to crucify me no matter what," Giuliani declared, unfazed by the looming loss of his law licenses in New York and Washington. He framed his Trump loyalty as a test of moral character, saying, "I consider that something that will help me in heaven for sticking to my principles and not being a weakling, like all these weaklings who are afraid to represent Trump."

Keep thinking those thoughts, Rudy. It'll help you forget that Trump thinks of you as highly as something stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

[via Raw Story]