Candace Owens ousted from Daily Wire over antisemitic remarks

MAGA pundit Candace Owens, noted for praising Hitler and spouting bizarre ideas divorced from reality, has finally worn out her welcome at the Daily Wire, the right-wing media outlet founded by Ben Shapiro. After months of spewing vile antisemitic conspiracy theories on her platform, Owens has "ended her relationship" with the company, according to a statement from Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing.

Can you imagine being so hateful that even the Daily Wire doesn't want anything to do with you? This is a creep who has used her perch at the Daily Wire to promote the disgusting lie that "secret Jewish gangs" control Hollywood and that Jews drink the blood of Christians. She has aligned herself with the likes of Kanye West, another Hitler aficionado who spreads antisemitic tropes. The fact that it took her publicly feuding with Shapiro, who is Jewish, for the Daily Wire to finally cut ties speaks volumes about the company's priorities.

Don't feel bad for Owens, though; her blend of Dunning-Kruger self-style expert opinions mixed with hatred for Jews will guarantee her a steady paycheck in 2020s America.

Meanwhile, enjoy these examples of the wit and wisdom of Candace Owens: