Rapture believer demands return of $1,000 tips at Florida taco restaurant

A woman who left over $1,000 in tips at a Florida taco restaurant because she thought she was going to be swept up in the biblical rapture on the day of the eclipse, now wants a Rapture refund, claiming the restaurant defrauded her.

A server at the restaurant said on Reddit that the woman "was nice but kept trying to proselytize to me." Her bill came to $40, to which she added a $300 tip and wrote on the receipt "in case you don't rise on the 8th." The woman retured a few days later and tipped another server $777.

When the Rapture didn't happen, the woman returned to claw back her tip, accusing the restaurant changed the tip amount:

Fast forward to today, and she's back again, adamant that her tips were somehow fraudulent and that we tampered with them. Her claims of fraud are literally impossible, we bring the card reader to the table, and it's the guest who decides the tip amount by either pressing a preset option or entering a custom one before hitting pay. That's exactly what she did. So, it's physically impossible for us to manipulate the tip amounts.

Both my coworker and I have already received our tips with our paychecks, and we obviously have to pay income tax on them. Returning the money to her at this point is literally impossible since we don't actually have all the money.

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