Donald Trump now fancies himself "A LIVING MARTYR" in most cringe-inducing post

Not since Jesus Christ has anyone been so persecuted as holier-than-thou Donald Trump. In fact, the 91-times charged conman now fancies himself a "living martyr," as he bellowed in an all caps, cringe-inducing post last night.

"WE'RE SEEING IN REAL TIME—A LIVING MARTYR…" the former president-turned-bible salesman wrote on Truth Social, quoting Tyrus, a duped wrestler who spouted the same nonsense on Fox News.

Tyrus was also in awe of Trump's adoring crowd the other night in front of a New York bodega. "He gets in front of the mic, and he just drops it. The crowd's chanting — you can't manufacture that. He didn't hand out scripts for that," the wrestler said about Trump — who did, in fact, manufacture the crowd who was no doubt following a script, according to Meidas Touch News.

From Meidas Touch:

As it turns out, MeidasTouch has uncovered that Trump's Harlem bodega visit was setup by the pro-Trump New York Young Republican Club group which also astroturfed the event and led the chants and singing that Fox News and other outlets are using to claim Trump has overwhelming support among New Yorkers and Black and Hispanic voters. 

Trump isn't a martyr in any stretch of the word. He is being held accountable for his crimes. There have been people subjected to religious persecution or other beliefs that have been subjected to violence and death.

A "living martyr" might be shunned from society or lose out on opportunities. Trump has secured his party's nomination, has taken over the GOP, is launching multiple business ventures, and still holds popular support with the MAGA cult. He's no martyr, but he does have cult-like devotees who will chant at a bodega for him.  

In related madness, here's a Boing Boing post about the time son Eric compared Trump's legal woes to racial injustice, also using using the term "martyr" with a straight face to describe his poor daddy.