Fox News leaks juror details, forcing resignation in Trump case

Fox News reported this morning that "Judge Juan Merchan excused one of the seven jurors who had been confirmed and sworn in on Thursday after she shared concerns that she could no longer be impartial in the case. The juror told Merchan that she had been contacted by friends and family members who guessed that she had been one of the jurors based on information released by the press. As a result, she feared she would no longer be able to be impartial."

Missing from its report is that fact that it was Fox News itself who described Juror #2 in sufficient detail for her identity to be correctly guessed. On Tuesday night, Jesse Watters said the juror was "a nurse from the Upper East Side with a Masters degree. She's not married, has no kids and lives with her fiancé who works in finance. She gets her news from The New York Times, Google and CNN."

That did not sit well with Watters. As reported in The Daily Beast:

Two items in this juror's questionnaire "really stuck out," according to Watters: "'I don't really have an opinion of Trump,' and 'No one is above the law.' I'm not so sure about juror No. 2," Watters reacted, stopping short of explaining why. Watters later said vaguely that he found her to be "concerning."

Fox also neglected to report that the juror told the judge that in addition to friends and family, her colleagues were also able to identify her as a juror.

Fox can now carve its first notch in its juror intimidation belt.

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