Ghoul declares tacky grifters as "style icons"

Isn't Stephen Miller busy suing babies for their candy?

Never has something just been so insanely wrong. From the comb-over to the abuse of make-up to the jackets declaring apathy — these are people we hope never to see again. No one sucks up like Stephen Miller.

Former White House adviser Stephen Miller took his usual Trump sycophancy to an odd place Tuesday, insisting on Fox News that the former president was a generation-defining fashion icon whose signature look set trends for years.

Prompted by Sean Hannity grumbling about an article Monday in The New York Times that spoke of President Joe Biden's "dapper" look, Miller went even further in praising the former president's sartorial flair.

"The most stylish president and first lady in our lifetimes are Donald Trump and Melania Trump, he insisted on Hannity. "Donald Trump is a style icon!" he added excitedly.

Daily Beast

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