The world's smallest Nintendo Wii

Short Stack is the world's smallest Nintendo Wii, created using a trimmed motherboard and custom stacked PCBs to replace what was cut. It's the size of a deck of cards, 7.4% the volume of an original Wii console, powered by USB-C, and otherwise the real hardware of Nintendo's 2006 comeback console. It even has four controller ports—albeit converted to use TRRS connectors.

"I'm pretty sure this sets the record for the smallest functional scale-model Wii console, but let me know if I'm wrong!" writes creator James Smith.

Could we go smaller? Yes! It is definitely possible to go smaller than this. My version of the Omega trim keeps all four main mounting holes, which makes it around 7mm wider than a classic Omega trim. Additionally Wesk has managed to get a Wii motherboard down to 52x52mm on his final destination trim, which is a a full 10mm narrower than my trim. I estimate you could reduce the volume by a further 25-30% without losing any functionality, but it would be an incredibly tight fit and tricky to assemble.

The only sad is that it doesn't use those tiny little CD/DVDs: the slot is just aesthetic, and you run games from MicroSD.

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